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ACE Colleges flagship school is ACE Weltevreden (Arrows of Destiny).  
ACE Weltevreden (Arrows of Destiny) offers progressive education for academic and business excellents.  Its location makes it suited to families looking for effective private education in the Roodepoort and Randburg area.
In 2020, ACE Weltevreden will offer pre-primary and primary school from Grade RRR – Grade 6.

ACE Weltevreden (Arrows of Destiny) primary curriculum & CAPS curriculum enrichment

CAPS Curriculum enrichment

ACE Colleges offer private education with an enriched, hands-on approach to the enriched implementation of the CAPS curriculum.  

ACE Colleges believes that the enrichment of a project based approach to education is the only way of addressing South Africa’s skills gap.
Our enriched CAPS curriculum focusses on the application of real life skills in a learner-centred educational environment, through project based learning.
Our learning facilitators are not traditional “teachers”; we view them as learning facilitators, partners in a relationship between themselves, their students and their class, where the group learns together from one another.  A child has as much to teach an adult about their world as an adult can teach a child, and an individual has as much to learn from their group as the group can learn from the individual.
Our core values are :
@ Compassion & empathy – caring for all living beings to create a healthy, caring world.
@ Community mindedness – acknowleging our mutual connectedness; that I am you and you are I.
@ Mindfulness – being aware of our emotions, our thoughts and our actions and learning to direct them functionally.
@ The consequences of our action – that each choice and its behaviour has consequences and accepting that we can control our lives through controlling our thoughts, choices and actions.
@ Moral discipline –  accepting the benefits of responsible and ethical choices in thought and action.  
Practise, Patience & Persistence – accepting that mastery of tasks takes time, patience and persistence and that this resilient behaviour is the basis to our success in personal wellness, career and relationships.
@ A strong work ethic – A strong work ethic (constant practise, patience & persistence) builds strong self-efficacy which, in turn, builds realistic self confidence which builds a positive self concept and this is the basis to a happy life.

In addition to progressive ideas in education, we draw from theories in child development to inform our educative methods and philosophies, particularly the well known developmental theory of Erik Erickson.

In pre-primary school, our focus is on ensuring that children are reaching developmental milestones.  During this stage of life, its essential for children to develop a basic trust in the world, a sense of autonomy in that world and initiative in dealing with the world.
We pay particular attention to the development of gross and fine motor skills, communication, emotion management, pro-social behavioural skills, basic math skills and basic life skills and self care activities.
An example of project based learning at this level will be starting a small garden.  We think about winter and summer (environmental factors), the kinds of people who plant things (economics), our feelings about our environment and our respect for all living things (emotional intelligence), working in a team and developing pro-social teaming behaviours, developing the fine motor skills that allows us to plant something, naming the colour, number and shape aspects of our project and talking about these aspects with our learning facilitator and our team, how long it will take to grow (time), what caring habits we will have to develop in order for the garden to grow, what waiting for something makes us feel and how we can develop the skills of patience (impulse control, frustration tolerance) and caring, how to deal with our feelings if our seed doesn’t sprout, and what we can do with a plant once we have grown it.

In primary school, our focus is on ensuring that children are developing further in critical parts of their development.  During this stage of life when the child is introduced to the idea of work and skills development, its essential for children to develop a sense of pride and accomplishment in their work and to feel that they measure up to their peers.  Core self-concept and feelings of self-confidence develop during this time.
We pay continue to attention to the development of gross and fine motor skills, communication and cognitive skills with particular emphasis on emotion management, pro-social behavioural skills, life skills, self care activities and community and teaming skills.
An example of project based learning at this level will be further development in our ideas of starting a small garden.  We think about creating a garden that will benefit others (pro-social behaviour) and ourselves.  We think about other people who might need the products of our garden and we research this idea, considering aspects of finance, strategy, and presentation and marketing.  Once we’ve gathered our research, we organise ourselves into commitees to take responsibility for various aspects of the business – business plan, human resources, physical resources and communication and marketing.  We continue to pay attention to our emotional responses to working in a team, attempting more complex new tasks, working through all the sequences of a task and completing it, then evaluating what we have learnt.

ACE Weltevreden (Arrows of Destiny) Primary School Hours

School times : 6:30 – 12:30
Option 1 aftercare pickup time : 14:00 
Option 2 aftercare pickup time : 17:30