Why ACE?

ACE Colleges has identified a massive gap in South African education.  

The problem:
Currently, even expensive private South African education does not reliably produce graduates with practical skills that are immediately useful in a real world work, social and personal wellness context.

ACE Colleges problem solving

The solution :

ACE Colleges offers a simple education solution; through project-based learning, we strive to develop unique, responsible individuals that possess real world skills and the ability to apply them effectively in practical situations.
ACE Colleges offer private education with an enriched, hands-on approach to the enriched implementation of the CAPS curriculum.  We believe in the application of real life skills whilst offering a learner-centred educational environment.


ACE Colleges project based learning
ACE Colleges art & design

ACE Colleges focusses on being learner-centred and putting your child’s holistic growth first.
Many schools claim to follow this ethos, but struggle to do so due to their large size and traditional schooling infrastructure.  
Because of our smaller schools, our more intimate environments, our passionate staff and our progressive teaching methods, ACE Colleges are able to provide such a learner-centred experience.

Learners are furnished with ample resources and guidance to reach their true potential as well as a platform to express themselves as young professionals.  Where conventional schools rely on formal assessments to measure the successes of the their learners, we like to see learners that are confident, well-spoken and truly fulfilled as a result of their efforts as well.  A learner’s marks are only as useful as their attitude allows, and a healthy attitude towards life’s challenges and opportunities is what is developed meticulously at ACE Colleges.